Life After Lamictal About Me

People ask, “What’s the biggest difference you notice?”

They mean between the old me and the new me.

Between the medicated me and the non-medicated me.

Between the epilepsy me and the non-epilepsy me.

I can answer the question in one word.


I never knew how much I missed it until it rained upon me.

In 2014, after learning I didn’t have epilepsy, I came off of medicine at age 43. I had spent all but three years of my life as an epilepsy patient, so there were a lot of changes. My skin glowed. Strangers stopped me on the street to ask what lotion I used. My teeth were whiter, my hair shinier, my outlook brighter. None compared to the joy of clarity.

In Life After Lamictal, I’m sharing the gift of clarity with you. Epilepsy or not, we’re all human. We all make mistakes, and if Life After Lamictal achieves anything, it celebrates the humanity in us all. It’s an homage to family, friendship and that inner light that never goes out.

I spent so many years hiding from the shame of life. With this memoir, I’m coming out of hiding. And I’m bringing all the epilepsy folks with me.

There is Life After Lamictal, and it’s better for all the living that came before it.